character licensing

Character licensing

We know a lot about little feet that like to stand with their favorite characters. Following the latest trends in character development is at the core of our existence. We choose and design thoughtfully, creatively, and yes, sometimes with wild abandon. Our brand & licensing portfolio are a key success factor to our collections. We partner with the best content creators and the strongest brands relevant for our target audience across the globe.

Leomil has been Disney’s trusted footwear partner in the EMEA region and beyond for almost two decades.

Leomil and Marvel have been working together long before Marvel was acquired by Disney. Leomil truly understands the essence of the Marvel universe and translates the storytelling into awesome looking shoes.

A phenomenon that has reached highs no other character has reached. Leomil and Pokémon have been historic partners since the 1990s.

Mario & Luigi, the Mario Brothers are a staple in the world of gaming and kids in general. Leomil is proud to be Nintendo’s footwear partner across many regions.

Leomil has proudly developed many Warner collections over the years across the iconic characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter and many more.

Hello Kitty and Leomil have been loyal friends for more than a decade. Kitty continues to capture the hearts of girls across the globe.

Previously Nickelodeon, Paramount and Leomil have reached new peaks in the success of pre-school footwear for Paw Patrol, TMNT and many more characters.

From My Little Pony to Peppa Pig, Leomil has developed many of Hasbro’s popular characters onto its footwear collections.

From Iconic dinosaurs in the epic movies Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, to ever-yellow creatures like the Minions. Many of Universal’s iconic characters have made their way onto our Leomil footwear collections.

Snoopy and friends were one of the first characters that appeared on Leomil’s footwear back in the 1980s. We are excited Snoopy is part of the Leomil family once again.

Mattel’s Barbie is as iconic as it gets. Girls, young and old, will always admire Barbie. She is part of every girl’s upbringing and has once again made her way into Leomil’s world of fashion world as well.

A brilliant toymaker creating toys that turn into characters that turn into merchandise. Bratz in the old days, and LOL in recent times. MGA and Leomil have been long time partners.

Sonic stands out as a gaming character around since the very beginning of game consoles. Sega and Leomil have partnered up to create awesome Sonic footwear collections.

An exciting partnership for the Bluey franchise has launched and we can’t wait to see the success of Bluey and Leomil in the near future.

MGM Studios, a legendary entertainment powerhouse, continues to captivate audiences with its hit show "Wednesday." This darkly enchanting series, focusing on the Addams Family's beloved daughter, has inspired a line of Leomil licensed footwear. These stylish and quirky shoes reflect the show's gothic charm, making them a must-have for fans.



Both through license agreements as well as vertical development and production services, we partner up with many global brands. Our strength in distribution and our ability to be a best-in-class footwear partner, makes us an ideal partner for brands across international markets.

In 2020 Lee Cooper and Leomil entered into a European licensing partnership to create and distribute their footwear collections for men, woman and children.

Back in 2017 Leomil initiated a co-branding between Clarks and major licensors setting them up for years of success in the world of characters. We have developed and produced footwear for Clarks worldwide.

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Product development and production is at the spearhead of these many partnerships. Based on the brand identity and the latest trends, we activate our full-service model and provide these brands with best-in-class footwear collections.